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A unique 'Souls-light' experience.
Submitted by ShadowHawkDragon — 8 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

People's Choice Vote#1141

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    It works. But I don’t know why the main character even tries to save this village or listen to a slime girl. But I’ll assume she’s a samaritan. All I can garner is that there’s an outbreak or invading army but the way they’re laid out on all the levels is WEIRD. Like what is their purpose?


    The game is almost like a micromanagement puzzle game with emphasis on single player. You use items to give you advantage against the enemy’s temporary 1 turn invincibility. Lots of teleportation “puzzles” and running as fast as you can against hordes of touch screen enemies.  The lack of variety on enemies doesn’t bring out the “best” on this system and it becomes a major chore.


    Surprisingly polished presentation in terms of graphics. The repeated sound effect use and the music is maddening though. The level design isn't very nice and the writing is very sparse. There's not much to say about it.


    The first part of the game is annoying. Enemies chase you forever. Repetitive enemies, dull and boring after 30 minutes of play. Release me from this boring suffering. The enemy rages so much. The sound effects is the worst with overuse of darkness.ogg. I feel like I am going to throw up if I hear that sound effect again.

    Total – 40/80

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RPG Maker MV

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This game is super stylish! All of the assets are well made, including the lovely dragonbones battlers (though I'd expect no less from you ^^) The only thing I would have liked to see was perhaps custom balloons too.

It was a bit weird to have a flee skill and the standard escape option. You could try using SumRndmDde's Battle GUI Core to hide the party command though I'm not sure how compatible it'll be (and the flee skill does miss the cool escape animation.)

Onto the gameplay, unfortunately it wasn't for me. I'm not particularly fond of turn based battles, and this had a ton in. Although you can escape, it puts you back to save points and all the enemies respawn so it wasn't really avoidable. I did get up to the (what I assume) was the final boss, after around 50 mins. I tried twice but couldn't win. I was curious about the ending (and all of the golden skulls), but since you have to trudge through battles again to get to the boss, I didn't feel up to a third run.

So I'm a bit disappointed on that. I enjoyed the atmosphere though, I just think it wouldn't hurt to cut back on the number of skulls. Since there's no stats and so no need to grind, it would help to be able to enjoy the exploration a little more without constantly getting caught, though I am bias XD Great job anyway!


Sorry the battle system wasn't up your alley, but that only makes your 50 minutes of dedication all the more impressive. In case you haven't already you may want to return those golden skulls to their rightful places in town ;)

The enemy count and positioning is something I'll keep in mind for the remastered version, maybe a few more rocks and trees to hide behind are all that's needed.

Thanks for taking the time to play through my game and leaving feedback :D

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry to say, there's a game breaking bug if you take the left path first. But going right then left should be fine.

This bug has now been patched. This is a convenience for those who wish to play the game to end without the concern of bugs, it is not valid for the IGMC Entry.