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Submitted by Madness Games with 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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Judge feedback is anonymous.

  • 31/80

    Definitely an interesting choice of combat for RPG maker, but it lacks a lot of stability and is a bit more clunky. In the first fight, you can walk onto the air on the first move, which is likely not intended as well as certain air tiles in other locations. You see skill types that are empty. Empty skill types are best hidden, especially when you can control when characters gain skills. When you go to view an enemy's movement, there is no way to lock their movement panels so that you can more easily plan. Enemies are still there when they die and cannot be walked upon, thus potentially creating roadblocks depending on where you kill the enemies, such as if you slowly lead a group of enemies through a thin corridor while killing them. If you end turn without waiting, you lose your attack/move for the next turn. This system would likely be better with a speedup function to make combat and movement faster and with an undo function.

    The story seems pretty simple, girl in a hospital, boy is telling her stories, you fight them, keep going to the next chapter. There isn't much pull into story with a large portion of the game seeming to focus on the battles instead of the story. Simple graphics isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if facing matters (considering you have to choose a facing), then having no real graphical representation of facing is annoying. Sound is almost completely silent except once battle starts.

    A good attempt, but does not particularly stand out due to many mechanical issues that detract from the rest of the game. With the writing, small typos are easily noticed such as such as the second fight using "Sar" instead of Start (please don't break your 't' button out of frustration) and figth instead of fight.

Team Members
Alessandro Franco – Main
Andres Aquino – Musician

RPG Maker VX Ace

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