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The journey of Robbery Cold to save his daughter.
Submitted by SoyeR — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 11th with 19 votes

People's Choice Vote#1119

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  • 38/80

    We start with bad grammar, unsure if on purpose.  Spelling errors such as Atack instead of Attack. In battle, the icons look like they are going crazy after each turn. Why does the inn talk to you in a different language? Certain enemies show a black box upon attacking instead of a graphic. Why is it that I can’t transform before battle normally, but the game has it do that during story? 

    The forced movement is bad because the map objects don’t always load in time so you can end up dying to what is almost luck (the objects spawning on top of you) unless you cheat by going into the air where nothing seems to spawn. This hole is a chest? That is fine, but it makes an opening sound? Attempting to go in through the front of the enemy base at an angle freezes the game.

    Ok, so one logical issue that I see is that a certain item seems to work, but only while it is nearby, but not always? So it is a deus ex machina trigger? Why is it that the story and game mechanics differ so much? Yay, he can transform before battle… Wait… No he can’t?

    Why is there a shop in the middle of nowhere, especially considering there is another one nearby in the city? Why is there a random shadow in the cave wall? The sound doesn’t really subtract from the game, but doesn’t really add anything either.

    The game just doesn’t really seem to check that there is stability in the plot. Certain elements are true part of the time instead of all of the time. The game has potential, but there are several issues that should be addressed and some that must be addressed.

  • I really enjoyed this game. The winter atmosphere was well done even if the mapping was strange sometimes. The characters were unique and fun to use in combat and all the fights were well-balanced. The puzzles reminded me of ones I used to make in my own RPG Maker projects. I’m guessing English is not your first language but the dialogue still had a lot of character and the story reminded me of a Saturday morning cartoon. Good times.

    Score: 55/80

Team Members
SoyeR, MagroBombado

Rpg Maker MV

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beu teus! Muito bom


Thanks !


Soyer tem muito talento, fez um lindo jogo divertido e nostálgico me fez lembrar dos RPGs lindos do super nintendo


Thanks !

(1 edit) (+2)

Belo jogo Soyer!!!! Mt criativo!!


Thanks !