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A candy coated nightmare. Desserts are in trouble and there's only one person who can save them!
Submitted by ketchupzom with 6 days, 2 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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    Graphics were a mix of different packs with the RTP and some custom tiles. Some of them really didn't fit well with the other graphics at all. The custom stuff was nice. It would have been better if everything had been customised but time is a consideration.

    Mapping was large, empty and typical of a new developer. Maps were a bit of a chore to run through due to how big they were and the dungeon maps in particular with their very intense random encounter rates dragged on quite a bit.

    Writing was decent. There weren't any mistakes as far as I recall, and what dialogue there was was well-written and flowed well enough. That said, there wasn't much in the way of characterisation beyond a line or two for each character, bar the main and one other. Those characters were also quite plain and didn't really stand out beyond the main character liking sweets.

    The story was well framed and presented. The opening scenes were actually pretty good at setting up what was to come. That said, the game was very light on plot and direction, just letting you go where you wanted.

    Gameplay consisted of map and event interaction and battling.

    There were various characters you could choose to have join your party. They were all optional and some required a quest to be fulfilled in order to have them join.

    Weapons, armour and items were not always useful. That said, some thought was put into them as some had elemental strengths. There weren't many defensive armours and items were percentage heal based, which was okay but the healing skills did a much better job.

    Skills were a mixed bag. Some were quite useful, others just filled slots until you got another useful skill. The healing skills were all of use (bar the cleanse skill which couldn't be used out of battle despite Rot/Poison persisting outside of battle). There were some different elements in the game which was nice to see - chocolate and milk.

    Battles themselves were well-balanced and not too difficult as long as you had a decent party with you. That said, they got very repetitive with how often you ran into them, and a lot of the parties were the same.

    The game was cute and silly, rather sweet, you could say, and I really liked the introduction scenes and the ideas. That said, the overly large maps combined with the frequent battles really sapped a lot of the enjoyment out. Especially in the castle at the end where the maps were so big and the encounter rate was so high that it wasn't rare to get a lot of under-ten-step encounters. It was, quite frankly, a pain.

    I actually was surprised by the twist at the end as to who the villain was. I'd thought it was going to be the shop lady, wanting to stop selling sweets for whatever reason, but no, I was surprised and enjoyed the twist.

    The game focuses on the theme of 'saving the world... and dessert' and it did a decent job in typical jRPG fare of reflecting that in the mechanics and story. It would have been nice to have something extra done with the idea of sweets being playable characters but what was there was okay.


  • Theme

    Blueberry wants to destroy all desserts so people would eat healthy. It involves comatose humans. The game is full of plot holes that is just hard to forgive (e.g. comatose for 1 week, somehow has the strength to get out of bed, go to store despite being dehydrated).


    Gameplay is really basic with some characters being carbon copies of each other. But at least the combat is easy. The one puzzle that is in there is ok. The random encounter rate is pretty bad considering you do nothing but walk to the next area until the castle. The item cost is also too expensive.


    Lots of inconsistent art style. Terrible mapping. Cute candies though.


    It was alright. It needs a lot of polish though.

    Total – 35/80

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RPG Maker VX Ace

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Great damn game. My only complaint is I'm still pissed at that priest for scamming me. I shall carry this grudge to my deathbed.