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A jam entry

Some Endless Dungeon/Tycoon GameView game page »

Dungeon, Tycoon, "Endless"
Submitted by AlienForcexPropsOfLight with 5 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous.


    Graphics are all RTP. The mapping is very much by a new developer in that there are many common issues with mapping that new developers fall into such as large empty square maps, roofs the size of walls and very little in the way of decoration tiles.

    The writing has a lot of issues when it comes to punctuation, spelling and grammar. The story is pretty much non-existent. You are dumped in an area and told that you need to grind your way past a series of dungeons in order to progress.

    Characterisation is one of the few areas this game does well, only because each character is zany, weird and separate from each other.

    The sound and music are all default RTP and it was there, I guess. Nothing amazing was done with it, but it wasn't too jarring either.

    Gameplay consisted of grinding. A lot. So much grinding.

    The idea was that you grind in a dungeon, then defeat a guardian who allows you to unlock another dungeon and so on and so forth.

    There was so many balance issues that it wasn't funny. For one, the money output was ridiculously low. Especially considering you start with no items and are likely to get beaten up pretty badly over the course of going through the dungeon. This wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that enemies drop 1GP each battle, and an inn stay costs 25GP. Items cost at the least 5GP, which means you have to constantly grind up on items in order to heal, and over and over it goes.

    Everything was default - items, skills, hero, monsters. All of it. Default EXP curve, default skills, default everything.

    This was not fun. At all. In fact the best thing about the game was the chicken. Having to grind up over and over in a bland boring large-ass room was not fun nor engaging. The ridiculous amounts of GP you got meant that you had to battle, and battle, and battle, and battle and hope you didn't die before you could get any items. On top of that, it took forever to even level up once, let alone more than that.

    I barely made it to the third dungeon area by the end of the hour and all that time was spent just grinding and grinding and grinding. It would be one thing if there were treasure chests or if the dungeons were interesting in some way, shape or form, but no. No.

    The theme was grind to progress. It hit that theme in the most default way it possibly could.


RPG Maker RTP/ RPG Maker MV

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