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Hello and welcome to the 10th ICT Game Jam! We are so glad that you are here*.  (*This jam is virtual, we are not meeting IRL)
We are pleased to announce that due to current world events,the 2020 Summer ICT Game Jam will be held entirely online.



Everyone that made some games or played some games is a winner! Duh.

1st Place: The Behemoth Beneath Us
2nd Place: Pipo's Plight
3rd Place: Shop Keep

Well done everyone!

How to Jam

Is this your first jam? Is it your hundredth? Either way, we've got loads of tips and tricks for you.

Slack Channel

We will be talking in the #gamedev channel of the devICT slack, get an invite here. Participants will be sharing screenshots, asking and answering questions, and posting tips to free assets, tutorials, and more. That's where the party is, you should be there!


To be announced on July 25th! Submit ideas for the theme here.

We realize this isn't ideal, but we also did not want to entirely skip 2020, so here are the details!


  • The Jam will last a week instead of two days.
  • There will be no entrance fee
  • There will be no community vote or community vote prize
  • There will be a $100 prize for the winning team
  • The winner will be chosen by a vote of the developer teams. One vote per team, much like the developer vote done at the last two jams.
  • Because the event is online, you will be required to submit your game online to for judging and to be eligible for the prize money


One thing you might go ahead and do is learn how to export games from your favorite game engine in a way that most people can play them. Web exports work well for anybody to play.


1. Will there be t-shirts?
Maybe? If enough of you want them, and we get the graphics together,  we will put together an order after the Jam.

2. Will there be stickers?
Hopefully! We are working on the graphics and an order.

Kickoff Livestream

Wrap Up Livestream

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Hero Business is hard, and that's why they come to your shop.
Role Playing
Made for ICT Game Jam 2020.
Play as a cute penguin trying to get to the lazy hero.
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Team Quentin, Brenton, CJ
Interactive text fiction set at the edge of Oregon in the summer of 1997.
Interactive Fiction
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