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A jam submission

Don't Let Me Die (and retry)View game page

A game about death... in video games.
Submitted by dontletme, Floflow — 2 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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Don't Let Me Die (and retry)'s page

Name of the game
Don't Let Me Die (& retry)

Type of game
Action adventure, horror

Short description of the game
Don't Let Me Die (& retry) is an interactive experience breaking the fourth wall. The main character is aware of the player's presence behind the screen. He also remembers each and every one of his deaths, and most of all he needs your help to escape the game space he's trapped in.

Platform + type of controller
PC, Xbox controller

How to play
You, as a player, are facing a character stuck inside a strange structure.
Help him escape!
When not controlling the character, use the neon lights to communicate.

The creators
Florent Chardevel
Pénélope Charles
Titouan Deslandes
Pierrick Haem
Olivier Lapointe
Léni Scheider

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