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Submitted by DavidAndCraigBOIII

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Game Title
Space Lion King Jam

You are a dank ball that must ascend to the heavens to save Simba...IN SPACE! The seagulls are flying in the background, urging you to go higher and higher, but the gloomy space music is giving you an itching to just chill. DON'T GIVE IN, BRO! Help simba overcome is crippling depression by making it to the top!

Team Name
Smash Bros.

List all Team Members
David D'Alessandro
Craig Feola

Was this your first Game Jam?

What engine/language does your game run on?
C++ with SFML

Please credit any 3rd party assets and resources used for your game. (Sound FX, Models, etc)
Google for the seagulls and Simba pic

Did you learn anything? If so, what?
Tons. First and foremost, collision detection is complicated xD

Anything you would change if given the time?
Yes, everything...

Anything else you want to share? Was it your first game? Had you never programmed before? Something else?
This was our first game as a team. Working together was awesome and not only made the process easier, but inspired us both to put our best work forward!

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