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Gull Jam Spring 2018 Submission
Submitted by NayN64 with 1 hour, 16 minutes before the deadline

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Game Title of A. D.espot

"I Never Realized How Dysfunctional A King Is Without A Queen. - - - Balance Is Key." - Jaden Smith

In W. ar of A. D.espot, the Space Lion Queen is dead. The Space Lion King, blinded by grief, has set his armadas upon the stars. If his queen must die, so to must the galaxy. The greatest pilots in the galaxy are all that stand in his way. The Pirate's cannonballs plow through enemies. The Ninja scatters shurikens across the stars. The Zombie's infection spreads violently through enemy forces. The Robot's rapid-fire pulse cannon can pew-pew puny lion lifeforms to dust. Good luck, and remember:

"Don't Become Attached Cause Then You Disconnect And Once You Gather Stress You'll Be Obsessed With Flipin Checks" - Jaden Smith

We tackled a diagonal line on the bingo sheet. Our game's main villain is a Space Lion King. The game's name abbreviates to W.A.S.D. Our game allows you to play as a Pirate, a Ninja, a Zombie, or a Robot. And not only is the plot of our game based around tweet #24 from Buzzfeeds Top 50 Jaden Smith Tweets, but the final boss quotes and paraphrases several other tweets from the list when you fight him.

Team Name
The Rogue Gulls

List all Team Members
Nathan Simms - Design, Programming, Sound
Grace Burton - Art, Design

Was this your first Game Jam?
No (Nathan) and Yes (Grace)

What engine/language does your game run on?
Game Maker Studio 2

Please credit any 3rd party assets and resources used for your game. (Sound FX, Models, etc)
We got our Sound FX from and our music from NCM Epic Music Ender Guney

Did you learn anything? If so, what?
-How to more efficiently structure controller objects
-How to juggle multiple timers
-How to make a side-scroller
-How to make a boss fight
-How to run a game-jam

Anything you would change if given the time?
We wanted to add more frames of animation to all of our sprites. There's also plenty of balancing that we'd like to tweak. All of the text was implemented last minute and there is a glitch that can make some of the boss text overlap.

Anything else you want to share? Was it your first game? Had you never programmed before? Something else?
Grace and I were thrilled to put the Gull Jam together and we are excited to see what all of our fellow participants created. We want to thank everyone who participated, our wonderful partners Taylor and Michael who put up with our antics all weekend. We'd also like to extend a big thank you to the staff of Salisbury University's Computer Science Department for helping us recruit participants and to Elizabeth Kauffman for allowing us to use the Fulton Art Gallery. Finally, we need to thank our club advisor, Dr. Randall Cone. this club could not exist without you.

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