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Χαίρετε! The Greek MytholoJam is an invitation to make something interactive inspired by ancient Greece! This year's jam is longer and has an optional theme!

This jam is an opportunity to explore a culture which we must understand as a product of diverse, complex interactions and global dynamics with other civilizations. You're invited to examine lesser known and marginalized aspects of Greek history as well as familiar ones! 🏺🎨✨

🏺 Guidelines:

  1. Feel free to  brainstorm, outline, or work on concept art before the jam begins, but asset creation should be limited to the jam period!
  2. Gotta be Greek! (Avoid Roman names for Greek things!)
  3. Entries irrelevant to the theme will be removed.
  4. Blank submissions that appear to be spam risk being removed. So, before submitting, briefly describe your work and how it relates to the jam in the "Description" section of its page. 
  5. Have fun!

🏺 Optional Theme: Μουσαι (the Muses) ✨

This year's theme is the Muses: the Μουσαι (singular: Μουσα) are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, knowledge, and the arts in Greek mythology. Your project can be about all of them, about only one of them, briefly evoke them as poets like Homer often did ("Sing, O Muse, of the rage of Achilles..."), or not include them at all, if you prefer. For more information about the Muses, check out this site or this site.

🏺 Other Jams?

You're invited to create a game that fits into more than one jam, so long as it's created during the appropriate time for multiple jams. Other jams that might fit well with this one include Yuri Game Jam 2018 (you might want to read — or re-read — some Sappho!), the Bitsy Mixtape Jam, Music Game Jam 2018, inkJam 2018, or any others that catch your eye and run simultaneously. If you want to see work from previous MytholoJams, check out last year's Greek MytholoJam or the Roman Mytholojam!

🏺 Main Themes:

🏺 Notes:

Ancient Greece » For our purposes, taking inspiration from anywhere between Bronze Age Minoan civilization and the end of the Hellenistic period is fair game. You're also welcome to take your ancient inspiration and work it into a modern or futuristic setting!

History, mythology, and culture
» Entries don't have to focus specifically on mythology, but because ancient myth is so iconic and interwoven with many aspects of ancient history and culture, it seemed like a fitting enough name. That said, you can look to any source you'd like for inspiration  not just mythology! This is an opportunity  to appreciate a civilization that has captivated many, and to explore the associations and connections we make with ancient Greece in fact and fiction. What gets misrepresented? What gets emphasized? What do you find most compelling?

✨ For resources, tips, and ideas, check out this thread! ✨

Interactivity » Make something interactive! Your entry may be in any format: a sidescroller, a PICO8 game, a 3D game, a visual novel, a Twine project, a comic or interactive print, a form of blackout poetry, a video, etc. Whatever floats your trireme!
You're welcome to work solo or look for a team! You can use the community or CrowdForge  to connect with collaborators. You can also post to the hashtag on Twitter, and we have a Discord server where you can chat with other jammers and share progress!

This jam is suitable for beginners!
If you've never made a game or participated in a jam before, you're more than welcome to join. There will be no voting, but giving feedback to your fellow jammers is encouraged!

Working with something new that you want to learn more about is ideal  but so is working with something that you're already interested in or know a lot about. All levels of familiarity with ancient history are welcome.

🏺 FAQ:

Q: How strict is the central theme?
Not very! So long as your project takes inspiration from something Greek, you're good to go. You could zero in on something very specific, or approach things more generally, and you're more than welcome to create something that isn't set in antiquity or that doesn't "look" Greek, in terms of how we recognize ancient aesthetics. Modern retellings, unconventional art styles, and unexpected genres (like sci-fi) are all equally welcome!

Q: What if I don't finish my game, or have only completed certain assets?
A: That's still great, and you're encouraged to submit whatever you create as a proof-of-concept! This could be art assets, music, a font, etc.

Q: Are premade assets allowed? How about paid assets?
A: Both are fine, provided you don't start working with them prior to the jam and you use them under the proper terms stipulated by the creator.

Q: Can I join in later on in the jam?
Absolutely, if you'd like! This round is quite long at two months, so even if you can't start participating until October, there will still be plenty of time. You may also want to time your working hours concurrently with another jam, which is fine, provided you follow all guidelines.

(If you enjoyed this jam and would like to participate in something similar, or if you don't get a chance to participate in this round but would have liked to, the Greek MytholoJam will run again in Fall 2019, and a global or general MytholoJam will run in Spring 2019.)

Banner image used courtesy of the Theoi Project.


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How long can a doomed love last?
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A story of mystery, intrigue and romance.
Interactive Fiction
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I pray that I might Know the monsters of mankind.
Visual Novel
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A prototype created for the Greek Mytholojam 2018
Role Playing
Can you persuade him to let you cross the river?
Interactive Fiction
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Yep, still need to work after you die.
Interactive Fiction
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Defenders of Greece is a Tower-Defense where you need to protect Athens from Xerxes army!
Card Game
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Escape from Folóï forest without being caught!
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Command a Penteconter and navigate on the sea between different city states.
Poem-based action puzzles in a surrealistic Greek setting.
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Do you like throwing an infinite amount of javelins? You'll like this.
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Protect Olympus from the minions of Hades!
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Hermes Run is an endless runner game made for Greek mytholojam 2018
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