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Escape the lab using your telekinetic powers and defeat enemies using their own attacks and the environment against them
Submitted by hellyeahstudios — 7 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (itch listing)#53.1673.167
Innovation / Experimentation#73.3333.333
Game Play / Game Feel#73.3333.333
Art Direction#203.0003.000
Level Design#212.3332.333

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Project K8 is a very ambitious project where you try to escape the lab from which you were created. Float, slam and crush enemies with telekinesis and get out of there. Very neat game you guys have created, I can see that you have put a lot of work into it! Gameplay wise, it works really well! The telekinesis mechanic is well done, where most enemies can be grabbed an flung around. I didn't experience any issues with it so far. And is a strong core that you have built, well done! As for level design, I found it to be a bit messy. It was incredibly hard to find my way through the maze that you have created, I really believe that you could have benefited in making a minimap to let the player know where they have been and can go. Or make the experience a linear one instead, to avoid the potential frustration of getting lost. Making it linear would allow you to make a more custom experience. The music was GREAT, kudos to the people making it, it slapped, and the vocals were really cool! I think you could benefit in making more feedback on specific items like the explosive barrel and the freezing barrel. Your game already features a bunch of particles, but some for those items would benefit readability. Otherwise, great work guys, you have made a really cool game and DARED to experiment, well done! Keep it up!
  • Fun game! Smacking things around flailing stuff around with the mouse was very satisfying, and I like that you could bring objects between rooms. The fire canisters were a bit too deadly when I played, but I heard you already changed that - so good on you for acting on feedback! I liked the design of K8 and the art at the beginning and end. Choice of music was good. Overall I had a good time with the game! Nice job!
  • Interesting idea, but sadly the controls didn't work very well for me.
  • Good concept and its very satisfying smashing enemies the 10th time as it is the first time. The art and music goes well together and overall its a good concept. The perspective loos a bit off so you might want to consider changing it to an isometric or top-down view. Also the right click feature is redundant when you can just use left click to smash enemies and use it infinitely. Maybe play around with an energy bar so that you have to do some dodging as well. Good work on the presentation page as well.
  • The music absolutely slaps! This was an enjoyable experience, i accidentally mistook hazards for powerups and killed myself, so I think the art could use another pass. Also some enemies appear to need a visual redesign, for example the tank that can rotate 180 degrees and turn upside down. Did I mention that the music slaps? Good stuff.
  • Really well done, I had a lot of fun playing this game. The music is LOUD (and I am old) but apart from that, the music fit the theme very well. I would have liked better sound effects, but the music was good. The visual style is solid, mostly coherent across the game, and in a relatively unusual color palette, which I enjoyed. Grabbing a big box and pulling it in front of me felt really good and I could beat off the enemies quite well that way. I feel like the reaction to being beaten with a box could have been bigger for the small "gnat" enemies, it felt like they could be swept away further when smashed with a big box but that's a very minor thing. There were red explosive bombs to use and something that was light blue(?) - they looked similar but different coloring. I didn't understand the difference between them, they both seem to have made some damage, but not a lot. Over all, a nice experience, a fun game and I think you managed to come up with a pretty new way to play the game: Moving with wasd, "handling" the envoronment with the mouse cursor. (Anecdote: We used this in the RPG game Anachronox that I worked on thousand years ago: In the 3D world , the player moved with WASD, but the mouse cursor was a 3D object moving through space, used for interaction, camera control AND doubling as a personal digital assistant, keeping track of notes etc (basically the "quest journal" for the player) Very cool game, well executed, few bugs. The graphics can always be bumped up a bit, and the monsters be made to look a bit more coherent in art direction, but these are minor things. Solid effort!

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Jam Judge

Nice job guys!

I recorded myself playing the game; hopefully it will provide something useful (the stream is casual, so there might be explicit language). I'll provide some written feedback in the jury form as well. I'm posting this here since the jury feedback is supposed to be anonymous, so posting it there would, well...