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A jam submission

Non-Descript Rodent RPGView game page

Turn-Based Tactics RPG proof of concept created for GMTK GameJam
Submitted by nobodyimprtant — 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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Non-Descript Rodent RPG's page

How does your submission match the theme?
The player character has momentum, as the move they can accelerate, allowing them to cover more tiles per turn. The player attacks enemies by running headlong into them, damage dealt is proportional to the speed the player was traveling at. Whenever a character takes damage they are also knocked away from the source creating space that needs to be closed.

The grid is covered in rings which can be picked up to grant the player health. Taking damage causes the player to drop carried rings. Additionally enemies transform into allies when killed, touching these allies causes more rings to spawn. These allies can be killed if enemies collide with them.Picking up multiple rings in one turn grants the player skill points that can be spent to perform special maneuvers. In a full theoretical game the rings that the player is holding at the end of the battle could be added to a total that could then be spent as currency at stores. While allies rescued versus lost and the time spent on the battle versus a par time for that encounter could be used to score the battle and scale the players experience reward based on their ability.

The same buttons that are used to control the player's direction and speed during their turn are used to perform special moves during the interim.

Third-party resources
Game Maker Studio 2

Daniel Watters

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