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A jam submission

GMTK Jam - TestDroidView game page

Submitted by PoffinScoffer — 8 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline

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GMTK Jam - TestDroid's page

How does your submission match the theme?
The idea was to take simple platformer controls and use them in different contexts to perform different actions.

I wanted to avoid adding anything other than movement and jump to my character, so decided to use the jump action to have multiple purposes:
- Jump (Acts like a double/triple jump with no limit)
- Reflect enemy projectiles away from you when close
- Convert enemy projectiles into your projectiles when close
- (hold) deploy parachute

Using the jump action in a large space filled with enemies to interact with the player and projectiles differently it solves multiple problems:
- Excitement: The player wants to avoid danger but must be close in order to progress
- Empowerment: Reflecting a bullet just right or narrowly missing one with tight controls makes the player feel good about themselves.
- Performance uncertainty: not knowing exactly how the bullet will deflect or, since you have to jump to deflect, if you're going to jump out of the path of one bullet and into another.

Reflected bullets were also programmed to interact with locks and doors to solve puzzles but they never made the final cut.

[Dev note: please let me suffix this submission with an apology, I had majorly over scoped and as such spent many hours working on things that didn't make the cut and not focusing on my polish! I did learn a lot though!!]

Third-party resources
- Unity
- Visual Studio
- 3DSMax
- Photoshop

Third party assets used:

Just me

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