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Hello and welcome to the second (internal) Game Dev Unlocked GameJam!

THEME: lost & found

This game jam will be a longer 1-week game jam from 4th July - 11th July 2021. This is a beginner-friendly game jam, so it is there to learn and improve your game dev skills. Because of that, there will be no ranking. At least in this game jam. There might be others in the future that will be ranked. :)

The theme will be announced on 4th July at 8 am UTC on the Discord server. After the game jam, David plays some or even all games made by you on a live stream!

1. If your game is NSFW, show a disclaimer.
2. The game you submit has to be made completely (incl. idea finding, etc.) during the game jam period.
3. You can use all (premade) assets that you have rights to, this includes your old code/assets. (Make sure you credit when necessary!)
4. You can work in any sized team (alone or with other people).

NO offensive/discriminatory content!

Tip: This is a week-long jam so make sure your idea is small enough and to manage your time well (over scoping *cough*).
You don't have to submit a fully polished game, but one level or a demo would be great!

Remember: Cut it in half, then cut in in half again....

And now... Have fun!


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You're Lost, Find Pepsi.
Stop at nothing to save your dog from the monsters of flesh and teeth.
Help your animal friends find what they're missing in order to find a cure for your dog.
Separated from your penguin colony, you must find a way back to your family.
A few souls have gone missing from hell. Find these souls and take them back.
Find Grandpa in a busy crowd before time runs out!
Help the residents of a very forgetful village find their misplaced belongings!
Help Gary find his daughter Meryl
A game about working at lost property for #gdugamejam2
The drunken master Invagast has lost a sizeable stash of crystals.. Help him get them back!
They abducted your dog, that was their last mistake
Fight your way through the post-apocalopytic desert in this stylish exploration hack-and-slash game.