Submissions open from 2023-05-13 22:00:00 to 2023-05-20 22:00:00
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Welcome to the Game Boy Showdown 2023!

The Game Boy Showdown is a 7 day long Game Jam, followed by a 7 day voting period.
Only Submitters, Sponsors and Helpers can vote!
Voting criteria will be Game Design, Gameplay, Innovation, Graphics, Sound & Theme!
The winner will be decided by the best score over all categories.
The top 3 games will be listed on the top of this page after the Game Jam is over.
Last years top 3 games can be found here:

We got some sponsors again this year, to make some awesome prizes available for the winners!
• 1st place will receive a modified Game Boy Color, a GBxCart RW and a 2MB Flash Cartridge.
• 2nd place will receive a Game Boy Color, a GBxCart RW and a 2MB Flash Cartridge.
• 3rd place will receive a GBxCart RW and a 2MB Flash Cartridge.
• 4th and 5th place will get a 2MB Flash Cartridge each.
• 6th to 10th place will receive some high quality Game Boy Showdown stickers.
Besides that, the top 3 games will be shown and be playable
at the next NCON event (Nintendo Fan Convention) in Germany. 

There will be an official live-stream of the voting process on
Starting at May 21st 2023!
If you are also live-streaming or making videos of your dev process, please let us know in the community section.
I'd be happy to watch and share! 

The theme will be announced 1 hour before the Game Jam starts!

Please read this very carefully, feel free to ask in the community section if anything is unclear!

• You must create a real Game Boy ROM,
only *.gb (Game Boy) and *.gbc (Game Boy Color) files are accepted.
• Uploading a web release additionally is allowed and recommended to increase playability.
• The whole game has to be made within the 7 days - while the jam is running!

• Teaming up is allowed! Make some friends with other game devs!
• It's ok to use assets (pieces of premade music or graphics) and templates (pieces of premade code),
but you have to tell everyone about it on your submission page!
• Only original games allowed, no fan games, no remakes, demakes or romhacks.
It's simple. No copyright violation!
• No NSFW or offensive stuff! Be nice!

Any rule violation will get your game removed from the jam, or get you excluded from winning the prizes at least!

Don't go too big and stick to schedule.
You can use RGBDS, GBDK, ZGB or GB STUDIO to create a Game Boy game,
or anything else which will let you create a valid Game Boy ROM.

If this is your first time making a Game Boy game, GB Studio and GBDK-2020 are recommended for beginners.
If you need help, there are some great tutorials on how to get started by Robert Doman.
GB Studio Central also offers some very useful information!
There are some sound assets available by Beatscribe, Coffee Bat and Tronimal for example.
Plus graphic assets by Gumpy Function, Poloviiinkin, 2bitcrook and many more - on
If you are developing a "Game Boy Color only" game, make sure to add a lockout screen for the classic Game Boy (DMG)!

Time to celebrate! We got helpers and sponsors! :) - german blog all about the Nintendo Game Boy!
Ferrante Crafts - a modern Game Boy homebrew publisher!
GB Studio Central - helpful website about GB Studio!
insideGadgets - the maker of the awesome GBxCart and lots of Flash Cartridges!
Space Luchadores - a private sponsor, helping out because he enjoyed last years Showdown so much!
NCON - Nintendo Fan Convention club based in Germany!
Robert Doman - making games and GB Studio related videos!
This is Game Boy - a podcast about the Nintendo Game Boy hosted by Moelleuh and Tony!

There are various good reasons to join and participate in a Game Jam.
For just having fun and making some friends in the Game Boy development scene,
or to see what you can achieve in a short amount of time and learn multiple aspects about working on a game.
Simply get better by testing some new game mechanics
or trying to work with a new team as a test run for future projects.
Even continue development after the jam and publish your own game, d.i.y. or via a publisher,
feasible with the help of projects like insideGagdets or Ferrante Crafts

For anyone interested - a list of modern physical Game Boy homebrew releases can be found at

Prepare for more Game Boy related Game Jams!

GB Compo 2023 - tba
A huge Game Boy Game Jam with a lot of different categories and prizes.
Running full 3 months, a perfect fit for slightly larger projects
and also recommended for people that would like to use engines like RGBDS or GBDK.

GB Jam 11 starting September 15th 2023!
The mother of all Game Boy Jams, running 10 days, covering 2 weekends.
Recommend for beginners and people who simply want to try something new.
You need to create a four colour game in the style of a Game Boy game, so really any engine is allowed!