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After crossing the river Styx, you must shed your past to pass on.
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Passage of Styx's page

Theme inspiration
We were pulling in a couple different types of passage, over a river and into death. We thought the idea of letting go of earthly ties, and more specifically your abilities, would be an interesting twist

Sensory info
Shaking screen effects and harsh noises in the music track

Content info

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This is a pretty good attempt for your first game jam (my first game was a lot worse than this haha). Controls are mostly solid, the gameplay elements are entertaining, and in general just need polishing (which is hard to do well in a game jam). I am against taking tools from the player in most cases, but in this case it fits the theme and isn't that challenging with simple left/right, making it tolerable.

This game has valuable gameplay and is a good choice for learning how to make these core mechanics. Keep up the good work!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Fun game.I like that the game changes it's rules quite frequently forcing you to adapt.The character design is awesome.The music is  also quite energetic.(The shaking on the S attack is a bit much,and on the space Attack it's hard to pull of a attack)

All in all a enjoyable game that keeps you on your toes