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On the 26th of June this year, Yume Nikki will turn a grand 18 years old! Once again, we’re celebrating with a Yume Nikki Fangame Jam.

Welcome newcomers and veterans to Dream Diary Jam 6, a game jam all about the creation of fangames for the cult classic RPG Maker 2003 game Yume Nikki. The goal is to create a Yume Nikki fangame, a demo of one, or to even update one of your previous entries. You’ll be given 6 weeks to work on your fangame, starting on May 15th and ending on June 26th — Yume Nikki’s anniversary.

Submission types:

  • Traditional Yume Nikki Fangame The most common type of fangame. Typically follows the same formula/style as the original Yume Nikki, but with an original cast of characters and environments, and sometimes new mechanics. You can get as experimental as you want! Examples of this type include: .flow, Yume 2kki, Lcd Dem, Answered Prayers
  • A Fangame of the Yume Nikki setting A fangame that uses the characters/settings of the original Yume Nikki, rather than a new original cast. Think something along the lines of fanfiction. This can be any kind of genre, JRPG, dating sim, clicker, etc. You can even make a fangame of YUME NIKKI -DREAM DIARY- if you want to. Examples of this type include: NASU Plus, Memories of Replica, Dream Kombat, Yume Nikki Hazard
  • An update to a previous submission Didn’t get to make as much as you wanted in a previous jam? Need an excuse to work on your fangame? Don’t want to start anew? This is for you! If you can provide a substantial update to one of your previous entries, then it’s also an acceptable submission, even if you’ve been chipping away at it outside of the jams.

Optional Theme:

This year we have an OPTIONAL theme as decided by the community that you can use if you need extra inspiration:

Abandoned MMO

You can incorporate this theme into an effect, use it as a world motif, part of a narrative, or even focus your entire fangame around it. It's up to you entirely! You don't have to use it if you don't want to.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Jam runs from May 15th, 12:00a.m. EST until June 26th, 11:59p.m.
  • You can plan all you like before the jam, but refrain from working on any assets/coding until it actually begins. Concept art and code/script experimenting/practice is okay. See this post.
  • Late entries are accepted up to 7 days after the jam, however, you must contact one of the jam admins so that they can add it to the page.
  • You can work by yourself, or on a team, and you can make as many entries as you want. Commissioning assets from others is also acceptable.
  • Your fangame can be any genre you want; it doesn’t have to be horror. You can also make it in any engine you want, just do what's comfortable for you.
  • Stealing assets from other Yume Nikki Fangames is unacceptable and will result in being banned from the jam. Looking at how others have scripted things is fine, but please do not use any assets that aren't yours.
  • Avoid using or recolouring or assets from Yume Nikki, using Madotsuki's sprite as a base isn't the worst offender, but taking from KIKIYAMA devalues the originality of your own fangame. This moreso applies to traditional fangames with original casts/worlds.
  • Please do not use assets from YUME NIKKI -DREAM DIARY-. It’s a commercial game and we don’t want your work taken down for copyright violation.
  • Mods of other games are not acceptable submissions; this jam is about creating your own.
  • Please keep explicit content out of your game for the jam, stick to under AO+ rating.
  • Be nice, and have fun!

Completion Goals:

  • Traditional Yume Nikki Fangame If you want a good idea of what makes a Yume Nikki Fangame, check out this post. You can be as experimental as you want, so long as you keep within the boundaries of a traditional Yume Nikki Fangame. (For example, the latest version of Fleshchild would not be accepted here.) There’s no definite measurement for a v0.00 release/demo, but you should aim for at least 2 main dream worlds (Nexus worlds), at least 6 worlds to explore from there, 3 effects, and 2 events. You can aim for as many worlds as you want of course; this is just a minimum standard.
  • A Fangame of the Yume Nikki setting Since you can go for any kind of genre for this type of entry, it’s a bit more malleable. You should be aiming for at least one playable level, chapter, route, etc. at the very least. There’s less of a minimum requirement compared to traditional fangames, make as short or as long of a game as you want, but make sure there’s at least a few minutes of gameplay.
  • An update to a previous submission If you’re planning to update a previous entry, there’ll be slightly higher expectations, but don’t feel intimidated! Your goals can be malleable too. Under the assumption that you already have the framework of your game, you should aim for the same requirements as a new fangame (8 new worlds, 2-3 new effects, 2 new events), but with an additional amount of worlds and events on top of it. But again, we’ll show lenience if it’s deserved.

That’s the gist of it, if you need some inspiration, check out the first, second, third, fourth and fifth jam entries! They’ll give you a good idea of what submissions are acceptable. You can also check out the Yume Nikki Fangame Wiki, or drop by our Discord server if you want to talk or get help. Don’t forget to check out this post on what makes a Traditional Yume Nikki Fangame too if you need to.

Stay tuned, dreamers!


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A YNFG for DDJ 6
a cow girl meets an alien
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A Dichromatic Dream Exploration Game
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delve into their dreams and bring them home to the moon
Yume Nikki fangame for Dream Diary Jam 6. Explore Gizatsuki's dreams, collect new forms, beware the curse.
Resurrect thy brother
There's something funny going on with this quirky little game...
dream diary jam 5 submission updated for ddj 6
A Yume Nikki FanGame by SheolSoft
darling, this is only a dream
A short-ish YNFG for the Dream Diary Jam 6. Is anyone online?
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Enter the hidden land of dreams- beyond Dreamland
Traumatized Dream Exploration
Explore the memories of a bird-alien named Skwampt.
Yume Nikki Fangame
a ynfg made for Dream Diary Jam 6
an object as it is in itself independent of the mind
You play as Aruben who wakes up in a strange place, surviving and exploring his COLD dreams.
YNFG for Dream Diary Jam 6
Been having strange dreams...
A photo collage exploration game
A surreal and dreamy exploration game.
There's a door in your basement that wasn't there before...
Role Playing
Discover the dreamworld of a young shut-in as they come to understand themselves and who they are. Created during DDJ 6
Two Korean producers made it simple. The design is difficult. Please enjoy it! (I used a translator)
Find your way home.
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A traditional YNFG made for Dream Diary Jam 6
Entry for DDJ6.