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The jam is officially over, thank you so much to everyone who participated!  The chat will be around until the 15th, then it will be archive.

 We'll be discussing games on the Dream Diary Jam Discord until July 15th rolls around.


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The cult classic game Yume Nikki is going to turn the magical age of 13 this June 26th. To celebrate this milestone, we'll be holding Dream Diary Jam, a month-long jam to make any kind of Yume Nikki fangame your heart desires.

Two different types of fangames will be accepted for this jam:

  • A Traditional Yume Nikki Fangames - These games are just like Yume Nikki, except with different protagonist & worlds and sometimes a few game mechanics changed up. They're like sequels or spiritual successors to the original game in lieu of an actual Yume Nikki update. Get as experimental as you'd like. Examples of these games include .flow, Yume 2kki, Lcd Dem, and Answered Prayers.
  • An Actual Fangame of Yume Nikki - These games use the characters and setting of the original game and make a new game with them in it. They're like fanfiction, except with a lot more programming. You can make anything from a JRPG to a dating sim for this one, as long as it features the cast of Yume Nikki. Examples of these games include NASU Plus, Memories of Replica, Dream Kombat, and Yume Nikki Hazard.

You goal with both types is to make a full game, demo, or v0.00 (see "Completion Goals" for more details). Whatever you decide to make, do your best to complete it and have as much fun as you can!

Jam Basics

  • Jam runs from June 1st, 12:00am EST to June 28th, 11:59 EST. You can plan out your game all you'd like before then, but you can't work on it until June 1st hits.
  • Late entries are accepted up to 5 days after the jam, however, you must contact me so I can add them in on the jam page.
  • You can work by yourself or on a team, and you can make as many games as you can participate in.
  • The game can be a demo or a full game. For traditional Yume Nikki Fangames, it has to fall under the requirements of a v0.00 (see "Completion Goals" for more details). Yume Nikki is still in v0.10!
  • You can make your fangame any genre you'd like, don't feel constrained to horror.
  • You can use any engine you'd like. The RPG Maker series is suggested for a traditional fangame, but traditional Yume Nikki fangames have been made on other engines as well.
  • Contact me if you won't have access to a computer in June but would still like to participate.


  1. Stealing assets from other Yume Nikki fangames is forbidden. This is terribly rude and will get your game banned from the Jam. Looking in to their code to see how they did things is fine, but taking assets is not.
  2. Keep away from recoloring sprites outside of Madotsuki's sprite from Yume Nikki for a traditional fangame. While it's alright to use Madotsuki as a base, taking things from Kikiyama devalues the originality of your own fangame, and is a bit rude to say the least. Actual fangames are free to do it as they're playable fanfictions.
  3. Keep your game rated M or lower. You can add explicit content after the jam if you really want to.
  4. You can plan all you want before the jam starts, but you can't work on making the game. This includes any programming or assets that go into the game. However, you can make concept art, draw out maps, writing out ideas and plot, and so on to your heart's content. Take the time to get familiar with your game and the engine you're making it in.
  5. Be excellent to each other!

If you're not going to be around for most of the month of June yet you still want to participate, please contact me and we'll work something out. c:

Completion Goals

While most Yume Nikki fangames are in a perpetual beta state like the original, games for Dream Diary Jam should meet these requirements before being submitted.

Traditional Yume Nikki Fangames

Not sure how experimental you can get with your fangame? Check out this post to see what qualifies as a Yume Nikki Fangame. The short answer to those of you who browse the Yume Nikki wiki is "Yes, non traditional fangames are allowed." There are still limits however (for example, the most recent version of Fleshchild is not a fangame), so read the post to make sure.

For traditional fangames, you're aiming for a 0.00 release. …that means a demo in Yume Nikki Fangame terms. While there's no actual definition for this, aim for having at least 2-3 main dream worlds accessible from the nexus, with 7 (if you do 3) or 8 (if you do 2) more explorable worlds you can find from there (that's the minimum though, I hope you do more).  Include at least 3 effects and 3 events.

You are welcome to make more for your game or shoot for the stars and make a near-complete or a complete fangame. As long as it meets the criteria above, you're golden.

Want to get experimental with your fangame, but not sure how experimental you're allowed to get? Check out this post for more info.

Actual Fangames of Yume Nikki

A complete game or a complete demo is what you're aiming for with these. You must have one playable level or route for a complete demo. However, the game doesn't have a minimum content limit so you're free to make as short or long of a game as you'd like.

See you in June, Dreamers!


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Travel through the Otherworld to find the Orbs of Creation and fulfill your destiny!
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A typical day of a lucid dreamer.
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A Yume Nikki fangame made for Dream Diary Jam 2017
A Yume Nikki Fangame
A Yume Nikki fangame
The beginning of a recurrent dream and it's consequences.
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Descend in the the depths of dreams.
The Fourth Dimension is falling apart, you are the last of the psychics and you're the only one who can save yourself
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Because it is. A pretty terrible one. Pls unban me Pink
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A Yume Nikki Fangame.
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