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Help the inhabitants of the station escape by fighting aliens, solving puzzles and tasks.
Submitted by Kemran — 15 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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After much turmoil, I did manage to complete this. The collection of the wechiles to progress was _tortuous_. I didn't get the fifth key until my 5th box ;_;

All in all, I like the concept. I think there's room to improve with the pacing , but the groundwork is great. There might be an opportunity to add a leaderboard for how fast you progress, or some such.

I didn't manage to kill all of the enemies in the final room, I just skipped past them to the Captain. I was losing health far too fast and have terrible aim.


I really liked the concept of solving a different task/puzzle to get through each dome. Unfortunately waiting for 10 wechiles in the first room to then only have a 1/9 chance of getting the key? That'll test anyone's patience. I did make it to the aliens, but didn't have the gun, so I died rapidly. Not sure if I missed anything beyond that? Also pressing "q to show class menu" didn't seem to do anything.

The numbered lock puzzles seemed interesting... the second one I solved (4104? or 4014? something like that) by accident, with an answer that I don't fully understand , but the one about the planets was neat and a fun surprise. Would love to see some of the grindiness reduced and what other clever ideas you could bring in if you kept working on this :)


Thanks for the feedback, I honestly while making the game went through it so many times that I thought it would be too easy, unfortunately now I can’t make changes as this will lead to disqualification, but when the evaluation is over I will change the prices, but at the expense of aliens, it's 2/3 of the way, I hope you will be patient and be able to complete it, the puzzle in the kitchen is indeed 4104, the spoon is 0 because it has no point. I'll change the balance when the gamejam ends. Thanks again for the feedback!