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Hello fellow developers,

This jam page was created for submissions for the bundle named ‘ Itching For Games”. The bundle will be a "Pay What You Want’ type of bundle where  buyers are able to pay, or not pay at all. In simpler words, it is optional to pay

This type of bundle allows drastic increase in views and downloads. If the bundle has lots of value most people will be likely to purchase it so in a way you are not at a loss.

An example of this type of bundle:

The bundle will last for 2 weeks and will run from 15th February to 29th February 

You can submit any the following:

  • Digital Games: Any Genre is allowed including demos.
  • Physical Games: TTRPGS and others are allowed.
  • Both Pay-For and Free games are eligible,
  • Feel free to submit as many games as you'd like; the more, the merrier!

These items are strictly prohibited:

  • Anything other than what is listed above.
  • Anything with an NFSW cover or in-game content.
  • Anything that triggers the feeling of racism in an direct/indirect manner.

 Revenue will be "equal splits" amongst all bundle participants.

You can contact any of the team at Bundle Everywhere on our Discord Server or via email @, and visit our home page for more information.