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Five girls to woo as the entire world changes around you!
Submitted by Sappyolhusky

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Great job on finishing the demo! I think you have some good assets here for if you and your team decide to move forward with the project. The character designs were especially cute. :)

However, I would also recommend some changes structurally. I think a lot of these characters fall into tropes, which is okay, but it feels like many of the characters (not all; the lolita character is an exception) are tropes without acknowledgement or nuance. Try to think of some more ways that you can immediately make these characters a little different than your average tsundere or yandere. 

I would also recommend rethinking having each of the characters reveal that they've wet the bed after a brief exchange. For each of these characters in relation to the player-character, it feels like a leap in intimacy for the characters to trust the player with that kind of private information. It's okay if you decide to want to go that route, but there needs to be some sort of acknowledgement that the trust the female characters have for the player isn't normal, and there should be a reason for it. 

I would also recommend editing out the player having an accident if you want to keep in the girls having bedwetting incidents (this can also be vice versa, if it's more important that the player has an accident). This way, there aren't two inciting incidents, and you can give the player a "choice" to have an accident later to ensure that the player-character is a stand-in for us, if it's really important.

Lastly, I would recommend putting some music in. Stock music is fine, but if you're really serious about getting this project done, let me know on here or on Discord. I'll be happy to compose some new music to fit your game. :)