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Kicking AS is a bi-monthly(ish) contest where participants pit their best action sequences/SV attacks against each other. Participants create a unique attack in RPG Maker (see a list of useful plugins in the Community tab), then submit a GIF and/or a video of their attack, and optionally show their attack note tags or a sample project with plugin commands/animations. See this action sequence Itch page (Credit to KV_Kingdom) or this for examples.

Theme: Impact

This theme challenges members to focus on overlooked aspects of great AS design: - timing, effects, and animations must work together to communicate maximum OOMPH.

Check out Hana's Castra Demolitio for an awesome example!


  1. Any RPG Maker engine is allowed, as well as any plugins and assets.
  2. Participants may submit one entry per contest.
  3. Entries must be created by the participant, not copied from elsewhere.
  4. Pre-existing attacks are allowed, so long as the submitter created it.

Judging Criteria:

Judging is open to everyone, both participants and non-participants, and will use the three criteria outlined below.

  1. Creativity
    How well the attack demonstrates a unique use of movement, animation,  sound design, etc.  The more originality and imagination, the higher the rating should be.
  2. Style
    How well the attack is executed and polished. A stylish attack may demonstrate dynamic, smooth, hard hitting movements, and it may be graceful and fluid. A less stylish attack will appear more awkward, unnatural, and unprofessional.
  3. Usability
    Can you see this attack being used multiple times in a game without getting old, and being used as a basis/template/source for a skill in your own game? If this attack could fit in a game as a repeatable skill (ignoring art-style differences), it will score higher in usability.
  4. Theme
    How well did the entry fit the theme? Did it barely fulfill requirements, or did it creatively embrace them?

Examples:  An elaborate 30 second summon spell that is well executed and satisfying will probably receive high scores on creativity and style. It will lose points in usability since it is impractically long.

A perfectly timed jump slash that gives a feeling of impact and damage may receive high scores in style and usefulness. It may lose points in creativity, as a jump slash is not particularly creative as a foundation.


The winner receives the best prizes of all: bragging rights, and a special role in our server!


If you have questions, post in Community or come join the RPG Beta Testers Discord server! We are a community dedicated to both offering constructive feedback to each other's projects and providing critique and guidance in RPG Maker action sequences. 

Background picture: Dreams Circle
Cover image: Richter_h (Hana)


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