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Punch the furries. Get punched by furries.
Submitted by Kickindev — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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Developer (1 edit)

This is Kick-in's fourth public alpha release for /agdg/ Demo Days! In this demo, there's a placeholder tutorial to teach you the basics of how to play, and one opponent named Paahul for you to fight against.


+Gamepad support added! You can now play through the entire game and navigate all of the menus with X-input compatible controllers, such as an PS4 or Xbox One controller. You can't rebind the controller bindings in this build, but that is a feature I have planned for the future.

+The game new runs in a widescreen resolution by default.

+Many changes to Paahul's AI. Enemy collision has also been completely rewritten from the ground up. Most hit registration bugs have been fixed as a result.

+Many small changes to make controlling the player character feel more responsive. 

+New title screen art! Because that's important enough to list in a changelog, I guess!

+Many bugs squashed!

Known quirks/issues in this build:

-There's *still* no audio, sorry. Audio is hard!

-While playing in the tutorial, the rapid jabs and rapid hooks super attacks don't loop correctly.

-Attempting to force the game into fullscreen on windows 10 can cause a hard crash. This is a Gamemaker 1.4 compiler issue I can't fix without porting the game to Gamemaker 2. I'm in the process of porting the game over to Gamemaker 2 for next demoday, but until then please don't try to force fullscreen the game on windows 10.