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Baleen's page

A couple of asexual characters are referenced and implied.

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Hello, I ran into an error whilst playing;

  File "game/dakotachat.rpy", line 278, in script
    if basilchat1 == False:
  File "game/dakotachat.rpy", line 278, in <module>
    if basilchat1 == False:
NameError: name 'basilchat1' is not defined

so I kept playing and ran into another error-

 File "game/stacychat.rpy", line 103, in script
SyntaxError: invalid syntax (game/stacychat.rpy, line 150)

And decided to stop playing there. I found the message system idea a bit confusing, not really sure I got the hang of who everyone was but it was an interesting play! The writing style is great and it really feels like a chat group amongst friends. Nice work! 馃槂