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kirby + pokemon breeding!
Submitted by ldd (@_ldd), fluxsauce (@fluxsauce) — 10 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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  • There are some really interesting ideas here, but it needs some work to tie it all together. The game is stable, and runs fine, but has some game-ending bugs; it doesn't crash, but the player can't progress past them. I really like your choice of tileset and color. The levels look interesting and the creatures are easily identifieable (and really cute!). The UI clearly indicates what's going on. The CONSUME control was a little confusing at first, since I thought I would use it to consume an enemy from the battleground as opposed to consume an enemy already in my belly for the ability changes. I found this game to be fun, yet difficult and not very fulfilling it its current state. Enemies like the penguin or fish are easy prey, but squirrels were tough, requiring hit and run tactics. It was not obvious that breeding two different animals (like a penquin and squirrel) would combine their abilites based on the order they were bred. Consuming didn't seem to provide any real benefits since penguins remove the healing ability and fish destroy your max health and vision. I was unable to defeat the interesting enemies due to either being unable to take their first hit (big birds and reapers) or unable to deal enough damage to defeat them (the blue owls). There might have been an early game strategy of consuming or breeding certain enemies that I missed in order to progress further. Due to the way the enemy ai was configured, it was very difficult to be in a situation where you can strike an enemy without taking the first hit, making survival very difficult. I like the consuming and breeding mechanics. Since defeating enemies adds them to a queue, it leads to interesting decision making about which enemies to eat first, depending if you want to consume them or save them for breeding. It is interesting that the player swaps between dungeon and belly when progressing to the next level, though it would have been nice if the belly level spawned the player and stairs in the same place each time. The effects of consuming were fun to discover, especially since they had effects at the end of turn and end of level. It was also fun to decide how to breed enemies to get the optimal effects. Unfortunately, I didn't see effects that benefitted me greatly outside of the healing given at the beginning of the game. Thank you very much for developing this game!
  • Well... Yet another incomplete game. It could be potentially fun, but it is hard to even grasp the idea from what was actually implemented. The ballance is totally off. IMO it's better to make a bit easy game than impossible to progress game for a challenge. Probably could become somewhat innovative, but it's hard to tell. I would expect from a normal 7drl game to be playable and winnable. There could be bugs and not too much content. Graphics and music is not what 7drl challenge is about.

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