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Subway-traveling and item-trading roguelite
Submitted by Auroriax (Tom H.) (@Auroriax) — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline
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  • This is a trading game with a procedurally-generated post-apocalyptic subway system. In the game, you have about $3,500 of debt to pay off in the next 10 hours, and time is a resources that has to be carefully managed. Each node on the subway station has its own pricing structure and stock, and a small amount of personality, which all appears to be more or less generated each game. It does have some roguelikeness in the form of the aforementioned resource management and randomness, to say nothing of lacking hard saves. But it's definitely more on the "lite" side of things. However, it's a very fun little economics game that is definitely worth a few plays. Completeness: This is a very complete and polished piece. The author of this game clearly knew their limits and stuck to them well. There are a couple of concerns about balance with the sheer randomness of generation, but overall this is a well-balanced and bug-free game. Aesthetics: The aesthetics here are not so much pretty as they are functional. They get the job done, for the most part. Sometimes the screen is a bit "busy" with information, and a more specific way to mark points of interest might not have gone amiss. But the game does a pretty good job of conveying the wealth of information available with just mouse controls.. Fun: This game is fun. It takes a little getting used to due to the aforementioned wealth of information, but once you're into it, you'll probably find yourself getting steadily better at the trading game. Innovation; Rogue-lite trading games have been done before, but there's a lot of interesting strategic things that happen here. Not a huge twist, but not nothing out of the ordinary, either. Scope: This is about what one expects from a seven-day rogue-like. Roguelikeness: This is definitely a "rogue-lite" at most, but the heavy emphasis on resource management and planning ahead in combination with the heavy procedural generation help that factor.
  • Wow - Dope Wars meets Mini Metro! I really enjoyed this - it was a very full experience which communicated information well and set me well at ease to enjoy myself. I think the way in which mouse overs etc communicated was really accomplished and smart, and often something missing in games like this I’ve played in the past. I loved the flavour text and the design, simple but effective. I thought the time limit of 600 minutes was well chosen - it took me quite a few goes to achieve this but it felt like time well spent trying to crack through the systems. This game felt very complete to me, and I would definitely play it more in future. Not the rogue-iest game I've ever played, but felt thematically en point to me!

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Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week. (If not, please don't submit your game)
Yes, and the Windows and Linux version were developed within 7 days. See my forum thread ->

Is your game a roguelike or a roguelite? (If not, please don't submit your game)
I consider it a roguelite, yeah!

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