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SFAS Animation- CallumJBattyView project page

Submitted by CallumJB — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Research & development#14.3334.333

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  • Nice dynamic animation with good ambitious movement. Subtle when needed, and imaginative with good timing during more active animations. Good work bringing the character to life - I thought the animation really suited the character. Well done!

  • Amazing animation here, really nice. Love the use of squash and stretch to elongate the character as it leaps about. Also good job with all the extra secondary animation too.

  • best of the bunch by far.  advanced use of squash and stretch.  great timing.  emotion through use of ears fantastic.

  • The strongest points for this entry are Research and Documentation, although the material provided is great (storyboard, moods, and references), the explanation is a bit long, I'd suggest to make it more concise or highlight the more relevant points for the Presentation.

    About the animation, it's also great and appealing, you made a good use of timing, anticipation, squash&stretch and weight in a cartoony animation style.

    The idle is correct but it's like there's two different idles, one just idling and a second one alert for some reason, if it's meant for a game controller I'd split the loop in two or make the whole idle more even. The antennas add extra expressivity to the animation, and the breathing is good but too regular, breaking this regularity might add some expressivity.  

    At the Powering Up, the ready  hand signal might be a bit confusing, also lowering  the rifle might work to show it has some weight.  

    The Release and Recovery are great, agile and acrobatic and key and extreme poses are well defined. Also follow-through of antennas and body parts are good, after the backflip  exaggerating the pause in the air and follow-through a bit might work .

SFAS Animation CallumJBatty

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