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A jam submission

Department Of Truth CorrectionView game page

Dystopian document destruction simulator.
Submitted by Nocturnal Arts (@nocturnaIarts) — 3 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Department Of Truth Correction's page

Team Name
Nocturnal Arts

Gameplay Instructions
By order of his almighty excellence, supreme leader of the state of Blankistan, Borotov Berezin Baryshnikov — You have been selected for work detail at the Department of Truth Correction. Your task is to correctly sort and destroy documents in order to preserve the integrity of the glorious state of Blankistan.

Objective —

Incinerate the evidence; remembering to archive, approve and shred specific items before the time expires. Don't drop, or incorrectly sort items or there will be consequences.

Controls —

LMB — Pickup / Interact

RMB — Drop, Hold to Throw

Middle Mouse Scroll — Zoom

R — Restart

Ctrl+1-5 — Level Select (For debug and curiosity purposes)
ESC — Exit

Link to Gameplay Footage

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Fonts —
Molot, Jason Sharpie and Lazer84 (All free)

Kevin McLeod — Intended Force (End Music)
Ambient Wind Sound (Own collection)

All other 3D, 2D assets, sounds and effects created within the jam period.

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I had a great time playing! I'm in the severe minority as an inverted mouse user so it took me a few minutes to get used to.  I did not mind that the throwing mechanic was hard to get used to- it's one of those games that is meant to punish you, and repetition is a must. I learned little things to optimize my gameplay and ended up beating all the levels!

Issues: (unsure if these are in the final version as I played a slightly earlier version)

Some collision issues with the papers / video tapes that made things a bit awkward at times,  duplicating approval stamp if it get's knocked off the edge


Hi! I tried to download the macOS version but couldn't find it in the zipped files. I look forward to playing your game!


Ah sorry about that... it looks like it wasn't packaged correctly for MacOS. For now there is only the Windows version until the game jam lock is lifted. Thanks for letting me know about this!