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Javascript Game Dev @ onccyber


Job description

I am looking to bring in a small studio or developer who will build a game on our new engine.  We will ask you to execute the following:  

  1. Game Concept:
    • Choose a unique align with internal team (me and one other)
  2. Development:
    • Use our engine to build your game
  3. Gameplay Features:
    • Develop interactive and engaging gameplay mechanics, such as levels, challenges, power-ups, or multiplayer functionality. (a lot of which comes out the box with our new engine) 
    • Include scoring systems, leaderboards, and achievements to enhance player engagement and competition.
  4. Graphics and Audio:
    • Design and integrate appealing graphics, animations, and sound effects to enhance the game's visual and auditory experience.
    • Ensure that the game assets are optimized for web delivery to minimize loading times.
  5. Testing and Deployment:
    • Thoroughly test the game for bugs, performance issues, and cross-browser compatibility.
    • Deploy the game on a web server or a platform like or Kongregate, making it accessible to players through their web browsers.

Core responsibilities

  1. Align w/ Team on Game. 
  2. Remain Active in Discord during Game Development 
  3. Deliver Game


Competent Dev or Dev Team. 

Additional information

We are a new and exciting game engine. There will be lots of opportunities that unfold from here.