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A mercantile guild of heretics for Mörk Borg and grimdark fantasy TTRPGs.
A horde of disgruntled soldiers help an immortal piece of armor end the world.
Misery turned into a marching army
Morkborgian take on deep modern Spanish folklore.
There is no victory. Only misery.
Eagle Warrior Class for the Mörk Borg TTRPG
A Dungeon for the IKILLA Jam!
Mbói Tu'i is a monster from guaraní mythology, ready to be slain in MÖRK BORG.
A cataclysmic event for MÖRK BORG.
A demon and his wild hunt - folklore creatures for Mörk Borg.
Heroes for the Hopeless in Mörk Borg
A horde monster for MÖRK BORG, inspired by Judges 15:3-5.
Tank doodle generator
Run in browser
A monster for the MÖRK BORG 24-Hour Misery Jam.
A terrible parody of Paladins for Mörk Borg
Monster created for the Tabletop RPG Mörk Borg
2 Classes and 20 Scrolls for Mörk Borg
An alternative rule for combat in MÖRK BORG