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Games like Geeonx

Open, (mix,) listen and correct corrupt wav file (s); with assembly/Delphi source code
A .NET based IDE for developing C64 games/programs with debugging support via VICE emulator
Animation Interpolation powered by AI
Tells you the length of each beat, each measure, and the whole song
Procedural 3d model builder application
Discover a new way to manage all your doom wads
LITIENGINE is a puristic open-source Java 2D Game Engine. This bundle includes the java library and the utiLITI editor.
Free game sound effects tool
Run in browser
Procedural Music and Sfx Generator
Easily create “retro” style music for an app, game or just for fun!
Simplifying your Work-from-Home Life
Lets you create TTF fonts out of pixel font images!
One-click source control & compile tool
A Windows Hovertank 3D editor.
2D level editor for indies from an industry veteran
Simple interactive prompt to manipulate images
Generate minimalist pixel starships!
An editor for structured xml data.
An advanced 2-D rendering system for Scratch with built-in algorithms.
Simple and straightforward audio convolution plugin