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Games like cypherpunk (musixbox)

Free top-down asset for your rpg-adventure game
A flotsam simulator
2D level editor for indies from an industry veteran
A novice wizard explores a strange land.
3D and 2D sprites modular dungeons assets. Magicavoxel source files included!
(Prototype) Generates chords and melody.
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The ultimate Avatar maker with hairstyles, accessories, emotions, clothes and color swapping! Download your Avatars too!
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Free html5 tool for color palette swaps in games.
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Pixel Art Platformer Environment
4 1920px by 1080px backgrounds. Day, night, raining and memory
A short, horror visual novel about a midnight visit from a strange being, who demands you open your eyes. Will you?
Visual Novel
A small, unconventional horror rpg.
Role Playing
A random music generator made by Niamh McCarney
Various pixel gradient sky backgrounds, with very simple color palettes.
Inspired by mini metro, draw lines to join organs together. Get that blood flowing round the body!
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An interactive fiction dark game about not giving up.
Interactive Fiction
Why fight when you can flirt?
Visual Novel
Travel the world as a mischevious cloud and rain on everyone's parade! The ultimate schadenfreude simulator.
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Quickly Animate A Scrolling / Parallax Background With Ease Using This Toolbar For Aseprite.