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Games like Everything Library 05 - GEOLOGY

Farm, Industrial, Business, Ruins, Historical, Residential & Tents.
Arachnids, Insects, Amphibians, Birds, Reptiles and Imaginary creatures
Barriers, Chairs, Indoor, Trash, Signs, Outdoor, Light source and Tables.
Canned Food, Vegetables, Meats+Dairy, Junk Food, Sugar, Baked Goods, Fruits & Drinks.
Be the Universe
65 free character rigs for use in 3d projects
Xmas lowpoly pack with shader friendly textures for color swaping
55 Rock, Mine and Cave Meshes
PS1 inspired graphics asset pack for Unreal Engine
Make a Top-Down Shooter in GameMaker in 11 Minutes
A variety of Halloween themed 3D digital game assets.
1000 Textures . Organic Theme. 4K size.
31 LowPoly Space Themed 3D Assets
50 Atmospheric Background Audio loops
Low poly 3D christmas decoration and props
22 Stylized lowpoly scatter props complete with static meshes and textures.
First-Person player controller with 2 Firing Modes
Edit the Backrooms game with Unity!