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Games like Follower #1: Velox

UT/DTR comic anthology
A short comic about frustration and climate change
Sci-fi comic book set in a world inherited by machines
Comic adaptation of a classic sci-fi story.
Diary comic collection.
Comic collection exploring human emotion and isolation.
A collection of 80+ monsters from an RPG that doesn't exist.
A speculative mini-comic about making sexy bugs for the good of humanity.
A goofy slice-of-life and occasional adventure webcomic.
A lateral interpretation of "misery" for the MÖRK BORG 24 Hour Misery Jam.
Consequences of rolling 4:3 on the Calendar of Nechrubel. A 24h Misery Jam submission.
a baleful toolkit for MÖRK BORG.
Science-fantasy tabletop RPG adventures on a psychedelic dying earth.
Nature's subtlest armory.
Corporate Survival Horror
A print-and-play micro-module for 5e
A practical guide for OSR designers, and a useless road map for pundits.