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Games like spellbookmark

Afestive themed card table for The Adventurer
Digital templates for creating trifold pamphlets
Templates for creating your own quarter page sized booklet.
Catalogue spirits for the Spirit Library's shelves
A solo TTRPG where you collect rocks to fill your tiny home, meet your neighbours, and explore a new garden
Templates for creating one-page zines
A solo journaling game about making contact with the living
You have been poisoned by a spiteful fae. A Tabletop Game for 1-4 Players
A Solo Journaling RPG about a Greeblin that just has to leave their home.
A solo RPG you play while you are sleeping
A solo-journaling game about being a clone on the run.
Good Pups save the day from the Evil Mayor
A booklet about making booklets
A tiny game to paste in the front of your favorite notebook so you can carry the galaxy around with you.
A Solo Roleplaying Game for Creatives, Worldbuilders and the Uncommonly Curious
A playable dungeon-generator and map-making game.
A solo storytelling pen & paper game about collecting magical objects.
A solo story game about spellcraft and wizardry.
A rogue-like fantasy solitaire. Defeat monsters. Level up. Transcend.
A solo game in which you explore the wilderness, noting what you see.