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Games like The NPC with a Thousand Faces

Let Nature Flow from your Brush
Pave the road to a post-capitalist society
Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow!
Play in browser
Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
Hex Mapping tool for table top RPGs
An alternate reality table top roleplaying game.
A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons.
A game about dragons and subterranean adventuring
Nature's subtlest armory.
A magical transforming heroes RPG.
The third issue of the World's Other Only RPG Zine
My complete posting history from reddit (click to see the Table of Contents)
Simple sci-fi bounty hunter ttrpg!
The follow up to the acclaimed first issue of Penicillin, a new Eclectic RPG Zine.
How long can you keep the city moving?
Camp counselors protect their wards from a nightmare monster in this GMless horror RPG.
The world hungers for your compassion.
A game about learning to love yourself
an open-world stealth game
A role-playing game about how legends evolve over generations