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Some shapes feel to much and now you can play one when you play Troika.
A submission for the Troika Tarot Jam
An observant, opulent, character background
We ended the world, and all we got was this lousy job
Fight large monster. Save town. Acquire gratitude and payment?
This is going to take — shudder — social skills. Baths, even.
If only they'd kept YOU out of it!
No rest for the wicked: following your TPK, the gods are still handing you quests in the afterlife.
Workmen accidentally broke through a fake wall in the old wizard's tower. What really happened to Septimus Nox?
A crew of living dead men, cast adrift in space forever
A game design tool for balancing strategy in strategy games
A short series of poems that reflect a mood from options given
Run in browser
Sov Raeð is burning. Are you with the Glorious Ergonotariat?
Take my mine, take my ale/Take me well beyond the pale....
A pamphlet adventure compatible with Troika!
So an elf approaches you in a tavern and offers you a quest, right....