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Games like Female Character Sprite for Visual Novel

A downloadable asset pack.
Engine free pixel assets and MIDI music, formatted to work with RPG Maker 2k3, VX/A and MV!
Create the perfect peaceful starting area to pull your players in with this unique 16x16 tileset.
Anime Style girl with several expressions and outfits.
351 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 5 animations for use in your project!
Over 120 HD backgrounds! Perfect for life/school romance and RPG, but can be used for any other genre.
Nearly 750 royalty free sound effects!
Trichromatic and 16x16 pixels sized tiles, objects and monsters for a roguelike dungeon crawler.
A collection of 20 FREE Background Sounds and Music for enhancing the Charm of your Platformer Games.
Need some powerful weapons & a lot of variations of it? You are in the right place!
make your own forest zone!
If you want a Space & Top-Down Strategy Package that contains everything, here's the best solution!
Adds sliding confirmation windows for the checkpoint system!
Collections of interface/UI sounds to use in media