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Games like Third Person Controller for Godot

Generate minimalist pixel starships!
An all-in-one Wolfenstein 3D editor.
Procedural 3d model builder application
A clumsy stumbling web crawler. Like Google-if it fell down the stairs, knocked its head, & spiders came out its eyes.
Declarative Design Language for Unity (XUML)
A javascript game engine to create visual novel HTML5 games easily.
Lets you create TTF fonts out of pixel font images!
GUI for uploading projects to Steam
Upload a picture to multiples sites at the same time
Simplifying your Work-from-Home Life
The editor & beta tester's tool for Ren'Py!
Pulls audio from your sound card, and saves it as a .mp3 or .wav
JC64dis (next generation C64 disassembler)
Complete Fairlight CMI IIx reproduction
Easy to use programming language for game development
Add a safety net for the player's save files.
Generate JSON from your PS image assets, load objects in GameMaker.
Chiptune tracker (NES/FM/sampler)