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Games like Full Service Official Soundtrack

The Sequel of Seduce Me the Otome, where you not only deal with romance, but with a full-fledged World War...
Visual Novel
When the night comes, death follows...
Visual Novel
Make even more memories during your summer of adolescence by doubling the amount of Moments available in Step 2!
Enjoy the summer of childhood even more by doubling the amount of Moments available in Step 1!
An Andromeda Six DLC
Visual Novel
You finally obtain your ‘Happily Ever After’ with your incubus husband. How is your Honeymoon?
a visual novel about the crossroads of life
Visual Novel
OST for Dead Wishes, a thriller-romance visual novel
An ambient and melodic soundtrack with a classical feel.
It's just another day with the incubi! OTOME CD FOR SEDUCE ME!!
A BL romance of vampires, blood, and bonds
Visual Novel
In this beautiful rose-coloured world, which path will our love lead to?
Visual Novel