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Games like Yal's 32-bit chiptune pack 2

99 pieces of game music rendered with high quality soundfonts.
Nearly 750 royalty free sound effects!
A new chiptune pack with 67 high quality arrangements!
40 swell 8-bit chiptunes, both ambient and melodic!
Songs with multiple arrangements! (Underwater, etc)
112 tilesets for a variety of biomes.
The big, varied collection of retro, 8-bit chiptune songs & loops
Top-down tilesets to create your office and work areas
Simple NPC/menu engine, easier to use than YaruMenuEngine but less powerful.
Over 1,000 pixel-art sprites and tilesets!
Lowpoly 3D platformer toolkit for GameMaker:Studio
Over 1000 SNES-style pixel fantasy icons!
816 previously unreleased sprites, textures, backgrounds and tilesets in different but coherent styles.
16x16 tilesets for your top-down game
100+ pixel-art face portraits to match the Time Fantasy sprites.
Various 2D side-scrolling environments on pixel art for your projects!
A great start for any beginner looking for tilemaps and anims for there first rpg!
70 emotions, 4 outfits, SAI and PSD included
A collection of NPCs with unique action animations.