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Games like art pack: quill encre et pénombre

"Film noir" characters illustrations, cc-by-nc
over 100 pieces of art perfect for graphic design.
BUNDLE UI | Icons | Sprites | Backgrounds | Cursors
A free pack of 30 different celestial objects
tyler brings 50 more Black and White monsters--in time for Halloween
Commercial Use Grungy Character Portraits, but their are 66 of them.
Showcase of shader code for Godot game engine
[FR/EN] mini-zine-zini
Run in browser
A collection of artworks done by me(@shadefish1 on twitter) usable as tokens and in COMP/CON for Massifs LANCER RPG.
8 illustrations, cc-by-nc
[1 idea per day for a month] "ttrpg inktober"
101 stylized fantasy items.
illustrations for Crossroad Chronicler #1-4 | cc-by-nc
Affinity Publisher + A. InDesign (one-page micro-TTRPG template)