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Games like Persona 4 Mini-Zines

Comedy autobio comic strips from the POV of a substitute art teacher!
Over 8 years, over 600 files. Every drawing I've taken off my Tumblr.
Full size files of all my Inktober drawings, including layered PSD files
what happens to the villain after he is defeated?
A comic about a group of friends taking a walk by the East River.
a zine about going into power-saving mode during periods
A Cucumber Quest Let's Play AU Zine, For Some Reason
Josh-centric Until Dawn horror fancomic
Two comic essays about mental health and body image.
Ono and Hasegawa learn to reconcile and explore their feelings through baseball.
A Fred + Shaggy Fanzine
A YURI!!! on ICE fancomic by inknose