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Games like Let’s bring a Game to the Party

A quick and fun print & play game for 3 to 8 players
A strategy card game that combines chance, strategy, and derpy looking animals!
Juego de cartas donde los jugadores deben proponer acompañantes inoportunos para destinos inesperados.
A strategy card game where all cards are identical. 2-6 Players. 5-10 Minutes. Ages 6+
A 2 player print & play wargame that only needs one
A letter-writing game about creating animal friends, a peaceful island home, and heartfelt messages.
A strategy tile-laying card game. 1-8 Players. 15-20 Minutes. Ages 6+
What does it mean to feel depression? Experimenting with emotions, design, and game mechanics
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A 2-players-tactical Print&Play game
The grub-grabbing game of birds, bugs, and bluffs!
A quick print & play game with different gamemodes for 4 to 9 players
Its the beginning of a new era, tribes are spreading everywhere, will you gain control or fade into history?
You are kittens getting into mischief and working together to steal something!
An RPG tool for making random fungi
Not a GGJ entry
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A short music puzzle where each game window you enter is an endless realm.
A dungeon music puzzle where each room you enter is a new window screen.
An exploratory video game about historical memory
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Entry for The Heritage Jam 2017 - The Bones of Our Past
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a simple board game that might destroy your friendship.