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Games like GameFlow

Convert your pixelart images in isometric cubes
Your free and open source sprite editor
Run in browser
Easy to use app to create beautiful maps
Free, easy to use and flexible level editor.
8Bit / PixelArt converter for sprites & videos
A fakebit tracker for creating music and sfx.
Tells you the length of each beat, each measure, and the whole song
Generate random rooms, tiles, dialog for Bitsy
A C++ based OpenGL 3D note editor.
A clumsy stumbling web crawler. Like Google-if it fell down the stairs, knocked its head, & spiders came out its eyes.
One of a kind game engine for a new generation of developers.
Discover a new way to manage all your doom wads
Construct 3 Project Merger is a tool that makes possible merging two differents Construct 3 projects into one
render engine from the soul
generate green, red, cyan, orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink version of any jpg, gif, png or tga
JC64dis (next generation C64 disassembler)
A Windows Hovertank 3D editor.
Complete Fairlight CMI IIx reproduction
A tool to enable the standard Spectrum colours in non-ULAplus AGD games on ULAplus powered devices.