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Games like Brim & Feather

An analog adventure game for nice people
The Other world's favourite fantasy RPG
Explore the dark remnants of ancient Earth
12 short lo-fi sci-fi RPGs
36 backgrounds for Troika & Tunnel Goons
A Victorian Science Fantasy Zine for Troika!
Beneath the spires and stones, the canals and isles, the Catacombs breathe...
A surreal dream zine for Troika!
Simple Moorcockian fantasy RPG
A pamphlet adventure for Troika! set in the world of Acid Death Fantasy
You went to space and that was a horrible idea.
Small adventures for "What's So Cool About Outer Space?"
A micro RPG about surviving the apocalypse
A Pamphlet to Play a Quest for the Unicorn Milk
1d6 Cosmic Science Fantasy Backgrounds for use with Troika! Numinous Edition
A Collection of Fantastic Troika! Backgrounds