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Games like HP Color Controller for RPG Maker VX Ace/MV

Converts PNG to WebP for smaller game size.
Create randomized tier-based loot drops within the editor!
Save Grid System Commisioned by RedikalSoftware
Allow RPG Maker MV events to synchronize movement with player or other events.
Add notification windows into RPG Maker MV
This plugin lets you create popup messages above characters heads in maps.
Ensures smooth, stutter free transfer between scenes, even those that are resource intensive.
RPG Maker MV - Apply sophisticated screen effects with animations.
Bored of making move routes? You can test your paths directly in-game!
Gvie each actor their own inventory space, trade with other actors, and have access to a global stash.
Protect your MV game's source code in minutes.
A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV
Generate dithering for pixel art!
Automatic error reporting for RPG Maker games.
A mod to the default theme that makes the layer bar more readable at-a-glance.
Rpg Maker Mv plugin that adds Autosave/Autoload feature.
Change the way levels work in your game project.
Use map mote-tags to actions upon moving into a region
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