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Games like Hyperion Frame Zetta: Intertexuality of Twilight Lovers

A game about our relationships with our bodies, our ideal selves, power, and hurt
For when subtext needs to be text
a cosmic card game of belonging outside belonging from Pretty Radical Games
2-4 players, witches traveling to reclaim their world from the Nothing
a game of Belonging Outside Belonging and love beyond wartime
a gmless rpg about doomed soldiers in a losing war.
the minutes shared just before a first kiss and everything that lead there.
Crossovers, Friends, and the People We Meet Along The Way
a Dream of magic and nightmares inspired by Charmed, Paprika, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A Game of Strange Abilities, Small Towns, and Big Heroes
a game about gods, mortals, and the space between
magepunk fantasy of messy entanglements and arcane romance
An empathy game for 1-4 players
a gmless rpg about revolution and community in the capitalist hell of the underworld.
A one-player ttrpg about the invincibility of your mecha anime PROTAGONIST, until fate claims them.
An RPG of memories and mecha love
A game about what you'll lose for the people you care about, & giant robots
A game about a squad of mech pilots that falls apart.
keep the fire burning. oil your rusting joints. tell stories.
Bio-locked controls. An untested pilot. A looming battle.
A post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy tabletop RPG about building a better future.