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Games like Devil Warrior

A hero in 20+ costumes and 4 skin tones
Various 2D side-scrolling environments on pixel art for your projects!
First-Person player controller with 2 Firing Modes
140+ sprites in the style of the discovery of America. Regularly supplemented.
Asset pack focused in buildings and furniture.
Adventure into a Post Trump.. er... Nuclear world with these Wasteland inspired Gameboy Sprites
A pixel ww2 gun sprite pack
Sci Fi Top Down Pixel art Tiles, Black and White style!
Simple Zombie Characters Pixel Art
extensive moveset, animated, ideal for prototyping
Animated shadowy animations, perfect for platformers!
A collection of 25 pixel art tilesets!
"Pixeled English Font" is a paid pixel font inspired by William Caslon's typefaces and the Old English Font.
A 16 bit fantasy tileset for your game nights