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Games like DEATH OF A HERO

an emotional/awkward family dinner simulator
Minimum Wage Mecha Warfare
A conversational rpg about ghosts, family, and atonement
embracing the end of something special
a solo roleplaying game about coming to terms with your past
A handy-dandy generator/prompt for making micro-RPGs
A game about death, rebirth, memories, and letting go.
A Game About A Supernatural Investigation
Universal PbtA moves inspired by great novels
Do you ever reach wildly for someone anyone to hold you to pull you closer and not let you go.
a short-form gm-less dice larp about keeping secrets within a community
A GM-less TTRPG about remembering the dead.
Something is trying to get you out of bed by showing you anything other than what it is or what it wants.
a zine collection of mini-rpgs about meta, perspective, and meaning.
A solo horror game about being hunted, and leaving behind records.
A tabletop roleplaying map game for 1-5 players about drowning empires and imagining utopias.
A How-To Zine about Tabletop RPG Design
A solo game about returning home and to fraught relationships tied to that space
A deck-building game of palace intrigue, using regular playing cards.